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Presentation Skills

Presenting material in front of groups is challenging. Representing firearm knowledge and rights is a bit more difficult again. We continue to find lots to work on in our own instructing and helping you raise your level helps us grow too!

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Dynamic Coaching

Safely and effectively coaching shooters on the firing line requires much practice. There are many keys to this practice that require specific focus to develop. The ratio we see of strong coaches to strong classroom instructors is about 1:6

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NRA Prevailing Attitude

There is a natural, true & legitimate prevailing attitude indigenous to National Rifle Association teachings. It lives through the material and is waiting for you to exhibit a balanced expression for the sake of students.

Involving Students

NRA training systems for civilians requires that student are involved in the learning process. Dry lecture formats are not permitted. Our methodology for involving students needs to be an area of focused continuous improvement.

Let's add zip to your instructing

Doing it right engages students, empowers retention - and is just more dang fun!
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Your expanded teaching capability - is our goal. Whether you are new to teaching National Rifle Association Programs or grew up in such a training environment, there is lots to learn and new ways to deepen the joy of sharing firearm rights & safety. The NRA was founded in 1871 to improve marksmanship. Along the way the protection of the second amendment became an added essential focus. As you see, the correct and effective teaching of firearm management, the right attitude for sporting utilization and safety managent is hard to find. Join the team, or expand your methodology. The key is that students get all they need from your trainings and nothing they don't need. Students want encouragement, support and the answers to unlock their successful ownership of firearms, the rights that attend them, and the knowledge that causes safety.

  • Basic Intructor Training - with Specific Discipline Rating - Basic Pistol for Instructors

  • Due to volume of requests we have added the ability to Certify Rifle Instructors. We now offer this program at least once annually.

  • We offer this instructor certification program once per year generally near to Valentine's Day. Seats are limited so please get in touch early.

  • While offering programs after you have become certified your perspective broadens greatly. Whether you have become stuck, or want to recharge you draw on NRA systems - you may like to attend again.

Meet the Mastersons

Marriage Team Teachers of Intstructor Trainings

Guy Masterson

Program Director – NRA Training Counselor Regional Counselor RTBAV – Certified Firearm Instructor
“My favorite part of teaching is helping people identify secrets that enable success.” – Guy

Suzanne Masterson

Service Coordinator – Certified Firearms Instructor – Certified RTBAV Instructor
“I enjoy…” – Suzanne
TPI is fun!

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